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Outdoor Expansion

The big annoucement is here... we've been waiting, not so paitently, to share the news that we are expanding to our outdoor space!

Introducing what will soon become... The Courtyard at Leaning Cask. This 4 tiered appx 2000 square foot space will be transformed into our new cozy beer garden equipt with plenty of fresh air, blue skies and sunshine.

British English: courtyard /ˈkɔːtˌjɑːd/ NOUN. A courtyard is an open area of ground surrounded by buildings or walls.


What can I expect of this outdoor space?

The Courtyard will be fully furnished with outdoor tables and chairs reminisent of the English beer gardens. Plans are also in the works to incorporate entertainment with outdoor fire pits and outdoor games.

Will it be dog friendly?

Of course! Dogs will need to be leashed and well behaved as is the case indoors as well.

What's next?

Renovation are currently underway, starting with demolition of the wall to add in a door for direct access from inside the pub to The Courtyard. Next up... privacy fencing.

When will it be ready?

Renovations can take some time, but we are planning for a summer opening. Subscribe to our weekly newletter and follow our blog to stay up to date on our progress and for the highly anticipated opening date!


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