And We Press On

Each day we get closer to our opening! Unfortunately, we encountered unexpected delays with electric. This has caused us great frustration as we are pushing to open our doors as soon as possible. However, we refused to let this stop our progress. We began work with a new electric contractor: Warner Electric. They have done an outstanding job putting in all our electrical needs. With their help we continued to pursue and press on and we are finally happy to share that power is on! The electric company put up a new pole for us in the back of our building and now that we have electricity - brewing can finally begin. Our plumbing work is almost complete as well. Inspection is complete and we are waiting just the fit and finish of all toilets, sinks, etc.

The cold room has been constructed - including: insulation, door and lighting. We are working with a refrigeration contractor to run all the necessary lines and finish the cold room needs.

Drywall was complete at the end of March so thanks to our awesome painting crew - we were able to knock out a substantial amount of painting to our large multi-purpose room, hallways, and bathrooms. You may notice in the multi-purpose room a different colored painted rectangle on the main wall...this will be were the large screen projection will take place. Imagine a football or soccer game projected on that wall for your viewing pleasure! In addition to the painting, all doors have been installed - except our giant barn doors (we are saving that for last!)

We have begun to receive furnishings, such as the bar stools, chairs, settees, tables, and even some décor. Our glassware has also arrived. We are excited to offer a standard 16 oz pint but also a English 20oz imperial pint. You can also try a variety of Leaning Cask brews with a flight option. Our rustic flight boxes are currently being hand crafted now. We are so excited to see these complete and will share pictures as soon as they are finished.

April 7, 2017 was National Beer Day! We hope you enjoyed a cold brew. We hope to drink one with you next year.

Did you know? Interesting fact from Leaning Cask Owner and dog lover, Stefanie Lipke: "Hops can be highly toxic to dogs (and other pets) so to any homebrewers...keep an eye on your hops if your pets are around when you brew!"

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