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As we approach Spring, we are excited to share about so many updates! First the brew house... we have our equipment! Such a huge accomplishment in our progress to see these large tanks (10 total) being delivered and plumbed into place! We ran into some electrical delays so the equipment is not up and running just yet, but we are working closely with our contractors and the local companies to get our electricity running soon.

The pub/tasting room has also undergone a lot of renovation since our last blog. The bar has been built out with the necessary wood work and shelving - even the TV's are in place! We are so fortunate to have resources in England because we were able to have our hand pump - hand delivered from London! We will be serving traditional hand pulled casked ales, which is something that will be unique to Leaning Cask. Other updates to the pub/tasting room - We added a large 6 ft logo to one wall and set up a merchandise wall with reclaimed pallets. The lounge seating near the front windows has been updated with bench seating, unique copper ceiling tiles and custom rustic lighting. This will be such a great place to hang out and lounge with a refreshing brew! We are currently in the drywall phase and look forward to finishing this up soon so that we can paint and begin decorating.

We can't thank all of our supporters enough for their contributions to our Indiegogo campaign. With the support of our 51 backers, we raised $15,032. Those funds will help to furnish the pub/tasting room, help fund brewing start up needs (grain, hops, kegs and other raw materials) and business start up needs (licensing, labeling, registrations, etc). We are excited to share awesome perks with those backers such as Leaning Cask merchandise, tickets to our private soft opening, mug club, and even free beer for life!

Did you know? Interesting fact from Leaning Cask Head Brewer, Josh: "The traditional English hand pump is used across the United Kingdom to serve cask ales at pubs. This is accomplished by physically pulling the beer from the cask to the faucet rather than pushing the beer from the keg to the tap via CO2"

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