New Year and New Beginnings

Goodbye 2016 - Hello to 2017! This concept is captured well with the removal of the old B&D record sign and making room for Leaning Cask signage! This B&D sign has found its new home with the previous owners.

We have reached the half way point and construction continues at Leaning Cask. The brewhouse has been dug up, plumbing/drainage built in, walls painted, ramp constructed and floors finished! Phew - what a challenge it was to clean and restructure this basement (over 100 years old) into our brewhouse. The brew equipment is on the way! Please check back next month to see updates with the equipment!

We have continued to build out the pub/tasting room. Much of what you will see in the pub room will be custom made items. The bar has been framed out with a concrete top and the bathroom vanities have been constructed using reclaimed wood from the building as well as concrete tops. We also started the tap system design and will have more info to come soon on this. We have painted the main walls and began the seating framework. Much more work going into the new year...

"And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been." - Rainer Maria Rilke

Did you know? Interesting fact from Leaning Cask Brewer, Josh:

"A common misconception about brewers is that they make beer. Brewers make wort; yeast makes beer!"

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