Full Steam Ahead...

Happy Thanksgiving! November has been a productive month at Leaning Cask. Our brewing equipment is almost complete, so that means our brewhouse needs to be ready soon! The necessary plumbing and drains have been added....lots of concrete work to complete this task. We also built a loading dock ramp. We are currently painting the walls and finishing the floors. We are hopeful that our tanks will be ready in December.

Update to the tasting room/pub: plumbing has been roughed into the bathrooms, electrical wiring and ceiling lights are complete, and we have started the bar construction. We are excited for the overall bar design (including the tap system and layout). More info to come on this...

We have also updated our exterior with a new garage door for our loading dock!

Did you know? Interesting beer fact from Leaning Cask Head Brewer Josh:

"In the US, a standard pint is 16 fl oz. versus in the U.K, a "proper" or imperial pint is 19.215 fl oz." At Leaning Cask we plan to offer both!

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