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Josh & Stefanie Lipke

Our story

Leaning Cask is a family owned/operated brewery and English style pub founded in 2016 by Josh and Stefanie Lipke. After traveling to England for a few years to see family, Josh and Stefanie took advantage of every opportunity to visit as many pubs as possible. They sought to bring their love of the English pub culture to the Pittsburgh area.


Josh started as a home brewer with an additonal passion for cooking. He quickly began incorporating English methods into his brewing seeking to create ale that reminded him of what he experienced in England with an American twist. This passion and method grew into what has become The Leaning Cask Brewing Company. 



Josh & Stefanie Lipke

Canine inspiration

You will find dog inspiration in many aspects of the brewery.  Josh and Stefanie are the proud owners of a Beagle named Remi and Vizsla named Kimber.  You are sure to find them wondering around the pub!  Leaning Cask appreciates all dogs and you will find inspiration behind each beer made here.

Dogs are welcome in the pub - but must be well behaved and leashed.

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