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interested in joining our crew?


Interested candidates should complete the application - please use the link below. Completed applications and resumes must be sent to info@leaningcaskbrewing.com

or mailed to

 The Leaning Cask Brewing Company

850 Pittsburgh Street, Springdale, PA 15144.


Pub Manager Job Description
Competitive Wages
Evening & Weekend Hours: 4-5 days per wk
  • Manage bartending staff and schedules - including staff recruitment

  • Manage opening and closing duties

  • Booking and planning of calendar/events

  • Interacting and engaging with customers - seek to promote a positive pub experience

  • POS/cash management

  • FOH stock control and management

  • Serving behind bar and changing out kegs

  • Assistance as needed with offsite events

  • Other duties as assigned by Owners

  • Report to Owners

Required Skills/Knowledge
  • Knowledge of business management

  • Knowledge of craft beer

  • Strict attention to detail

  • Keep owners informed of all significant matters

  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback

  • Ability to move/stand for long periods of time

  • Ability to move kegs

  • Ability to work flexible hours for events as needed

  • Dress per requirements and maintain clean, professional appearance

Bartender Job Description
Wages + Tips
Evening & Weekend Hours
  • Serving behind bar and changing out kegs

  • Interacting with customers

  • Operating POS/cash duties

  • Washing glassware

  • General cleaning duties

  • Working evenings and weekends

  • Other duties as assigned by Manager/Owners

  • Report to Pub Manager

Required Skills/Knowledge
  • Must have experience

  • Ability to multi-task in a noisy, fast-paced environment

  • Keep manager informed of all problems/significant matters

  • Ensure all financial transactions are accurate

  • Moving/standing for long periods of time

  • Follow alcohol awareness procedures

  • Maintain understanding of all Leaning Cask craft beers available

  • Dress per requirements and maintain clean, professional appearance

  • Experience and desire in craft beer

  • RAMP certification

  • Experience in management

  • Bachelor's degree

  • RAMP certification (server and manager)