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Cask-conditioned beer, also known as Real Ale, is beer that has gone through a second fermentation process, is unpasteurized and served from a cask keg with no added nitrogen or CO2. Instead, CO2 builds up naturally in the cask during fermentation.

Once it is fermented, it is served straight from the cask. This gives it a distinct and incredibly fresh taste that has a much gentler level of carbonation and usually features a bit more complex flavor and aromatic profile.

Finally, the beer is then served from the cask to your pint through a hand pulled beer engine. Cheers!


We believe in the quest for "real ale", which means we brew using traditional ingredients that are left to mature in the cask (vessel) from which it is served in the pub. This is what makes our cask ale unique amongst other craft beers and enhances the wonderful tastes and aromas.

We take great pride in our cask-conditioned ales and invite you to try your favorite style of beer in a whole new way!

On CASK today_ Scotch Ale ~ Scottish Terrier Bourbon Barrel! #tapthatcaskthursday #tapthat
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